Book Review – The Light of Day

The Light of Day (Beyond The Horizon #2)The Light of Day

Stand Alone Novel

By: Kristen Kehoe

Book Description:

Every action has its own consequence…

Cora Whitley has learned the hard way that there are some choices you can’t escape, you merely survive. And she is, surviving that is. She’s living, breathing, eating, sleeping, working, all of the things you do when all you’re trying to do is get from one day to the next without truly remembering who you were.

Jake Ferrari recognizes Cora the minute he sees her. Maybe it’s because somehow he knows she’s as broken as he is, or maybe it’s because when he looks at her he sees that the life he thought was over when his elbow blew out and his pitching career came to a halt can now be something different. Something better with her.

But nothing comes for free, not even love. Follow Cora and Jake as they piece together their lives and deal with the consequences of falling in love with the one person they know they can’t have.

–Includes mature content.

This book follows main characters:

Cora: the broken girl who tries to put up a good front. Cora tries to be a strong girl but is struggling with her life.

Jake: a handsome baseball player, who recently had a possible career ending injury. He underwent surgery to try and correct the injury but only time will tell if he will get to go out on the field again.


My Thoughts:

This book wasn’t my favorite book I have read. Although I do have to give credit to the author Kristen Kehoe for creating such a good character development. I think at times it was frustrating to watch Cora push away Jake. I found it very sweet once Cora finally let Jake in, and it was fun to watch the characters develop from the beginning of the story to the end. This story had many ups and downs. The biggest thing I enjoyed with reading this novel was the fact that it was told in both Jake and Cora’s point of view. I love when books do this that way I can get into the mind of both characters to see what they are thinking. With reading this book I think at times it was repetitive and slow moving. If I were to rate this book I would give it a 3/5.


The book description and book cover came from

If you would like to read this book check out – Light of Day, it is free for kindle unlimited, or you can purchase it at kindle price of $2.99 or paperback for $12.99.





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